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Art monkey international yoga
teacher and hand balancer,
and that’s just the beginning.

Truthful, empowering and connecting with purpose through every
breath and every movement, that has been her journey.

Neha (E600 –RYT) draws on her life experiences – be it her career as
an art director, her struggle with addiction and her transformational
journey on this path of yoga and beyond – to bring a unique perspective to those who seek more from yoga than simply making pretty shapes.

She offers creative, effective and clearly-sequenced teachings that
focus on finding flexibility, strength, and balance on all three levels:
body, mind and soul.

A forever seeker, Neha’s teaching methods are a reflection of all the
amazing teachers she works with to constantly expand on her knowledge and passions.

From yoga asana and bhakti yoga (devotional practices) and meditation, to Ido Portal movement training, and hand balancing, her unconventional flows blend methodologies, principles and philosophies to create ‘so much more than a yoga class, it’s a transformational experience!’

The path of practice, like life, is a splendid journey and Neha believes, it is a rite of passage for anyone who is open to change, seeking answers to bigger questions, and yearning a healing connection with oneself and the world. After all, the Bhagvat Gita says it best, Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self. And anyone with an open mind and heart is welcome to adventure along!

Currently based in Dubai, Neha teaches at some of the top studios in the city, as well as travels to teach an increasing number of workshops, retreats and teacher trainings internationally, currently going as far as Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

With every breathe and every action, we are evolving. To be conscious of this transformation, that is the practice.

Neha’s teaching style blends the power of breath and physical challenge with philosophical and spiritual teachings, all of which translate into life lessons off the mat. She truly believes that the work, which is, to be the very change that we want to see in our lives, to start the process of healing and work towards being the best versions of ourselves, begins right here on the mat.

Neha’s forte are ‘deconstructed’ flows where we break down a complexpose into it’s parts and help students understand how, when and why. Her flows are full of options to offer everyone, from beginners to advanced practitioners something to work on. Watching students move through fear, build courage, mental, physical and emotional strength, work through trauma and have breakthroughs on and off the mat, this is what Neha lives for! Many of Neha’s students have gone on to become advanced practitioners and successful teachers.

Life always gives you what you need, not what you want.

Born and raised in Dubai, a true blue Gulfie, Neha spent her formative years growing up in the desert and spending summers back home in Mumbai, India, with cousins, playing in the monsoon rain. Neha grew up loving to draw and paint, so much so that she even went to University to learn how to do it for a living.

Graduating from University in Austin, Texas, with Honors, where she double majored in Creative Advertising and Business, she landed up pounding the pavement on the streets of New York, finding her first job working on ad campaigns for tech giant IBM. Her career in advertising lasted for almost a decade and saw her work in major cities, at some of the best agencies in the world, such as Ogilvy, NY, DDB London and Saatchi & Saatchi , Dubai, to name a few. Winning awards, and climbing the ladder of success was all well and good, but something seemed to be missing.

Neha started to struggle with work and took to unhealthy means to cope with the disconnect. Soon life spiraled out of control, and she ended up quitting work and checking in to rehab. What looked like rock bottom at the time, would turn out to be the life changing, fresh start to an empowered way of living! For it was in rehab that Neha found the healing practice of yoga, which gave her the courage to begin again and help fill her life with a passionate drive once more. A life of service is what her soul craved and the path of yoga was her true calling.

Neha’s entire journey has been a careful study of what it means to truly heal from the inside out. Falling in love with who she is more and more, is a daily process she has been working on for many years. Sharing her journey and her methods of healing as a means to help others she has launched a series of community classes and even launched Dubai’s first ever Self Love Festival, with the help of Lululemon, for whom she is an ambassador. 


– Life is not happening to you. It’s always happening for you

– To avoid suffering only makes it grow. The only way to move past it, is to move through it.

– Within a comfort zone, we exist. Outside of it, we come alive.

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