Vipin Mistry
Yoga theory and Ayurveda

Growing up in a traditional Indian Family, Yoga has been always there in and around with him, in ways of spiritual and physical  practices. The Chanting of Shlokas and Mantras in the early days of his childhood always inspired him to interpret and apply this in various fields of life. He has always been a seeker a believer and will take you far and deep into the secrets of yoga.  Considers himself blessed to be able to spend years of practice traveling & staying with the great minds in yoga and learning from these Gurus. Integrating these studies in his personal practice,  connecting the traditional yoga texts to the path of the modern  yogis, to guide students into a space of safety, inquiry and  playfulness; So they can recognize their inner tools to actually  know the teachings in their own bodies and trust the wisdom of  their own experience. 

A Vedantin, Yogi, Reiki, Pranic Practitioner Healer and Acroyoga 
Teacher, traveling the world teaching and spreading the knowledge of Yoga at Yoga Festivals, Yoga Camps, private and public classes, Corporate Motivational Lectures. 

The joy of giving and spreading love and confidence with smiles of peace & bliss amongst the beautiful souls of students is the best feeling he derives from his classes. 

 Vipin offers a way of engaging with the study and practice of yoga that invites students to embody it in everyday life. Often the entry point to his work is in freeing oneself from the pretensions through the physical yoga practice leading to practices in the subtle realm of mudra, meditation, mantra, pranayama, ayurveda and communication

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