Elisabeth Bohler

Breathwork Specialist & Yogini
Pranayama, oxygen advantage, Wim Hoff, and breathwork experiences

My journey started 10 years ago in Thailand where I lived with a monk practicing healing techniques and meditation, then I went to Nepal and Sri Lanka to continue my learning. In 2017, I took the decision of leaving my career in the corporate world (luxury retail industry) to focus on my personal and professional development around holistic modalities. I moved to Bali where I settled and I managed a holistic school and became a certified breathing coach including both western and eastern approaches as well as yoga/meditation teacher (500RYT). I am now providing my acquired knowledge to individuals who lead busy lives as well as corporates investing in the wellness of their employees.

“My approach is tailored to anyone having a busy working life with responsibilities and limited free time to dedicate to themselves. I provide simple tools and techniques to practice every day from home or the office in order to be more conscious about our body and mind, have the ability to manage our own emotions in a calm manner, strengthen our immunity, and overall improve our health. Through my teachings, workshops and retreats, everyone understands the physiology behind every practice and gets to experience the entire scope of wellness from a holistic approach. All techniques are accessible to anyone regardless of their physical ability and level of awareness towards the practice of breathing, yoga and meditation.”

Certified Wellness Coach including :

  • Wim Hof Method fundamentals and ice immersion
  • Pranyamas and yogic breath
  • Oxygen Advantage
  • Certified Yoga Alliance RYT 500H Yoga and Meditation Teacher
  • Certified RYT Himalayan Kriya Yoga Level 1 Facilitator
  • Advance Tibetan Reiki Healer

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